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What is an Application under Humanitarian and Compassionate considerations?

BM Lawyers - Humanitarian and Compassionate Considerations

The immigration process has strict guidelines to ensure that only those who meet the specific criteria are able to apply for a permanent resident visa. So, what are your options when you are not an eligible candidate? Applying to become a permanent resident based on humanitarian and compassionate considerations (HnC considerations) might be an option; however, […]

Where to Immigrate Within Canada?

Immigrate to Canada; St. John's, Newfoundland

Canada is massive, certainly when compared to most other countries. Not a lot of people realize how greatly different its various regions are – both geographically and even culturally, to some extent. It could be easy to assume that because it is one country, that all provinces and territories would be quite similar. However, due […]

Do you really need an Immigration Lawyer?

Do you really need an Immigration Lawyer?

Moving to a different country can be many things: overwhelming, stressful, even scary; however, it is also the chance for a new beginning! Your reason for immigrating to Canada can be one of many things, which in turn will determine how you apply for permanent residence. For many, navigating the legal process to ensure all […]

Just visiting? Plan ahead with an Immigration Lawyer.

Visiting Canada? Plan ahead with an Immigration Lawyer.

It is a common misconception that the services of an immigration lawyer would mainly be used if seeking permanent residency to another country. However, that is far from the truth. Immigration lawyers can assist with navigating through complex laws and the requisite steps necessary to obtain a student visa, assist with a refugee application and […]