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5 Tips to Find a Top Immigration Lawyer

Top Immigration Lawyer Ottawa

The decision to immigrate to another country is not one to be taken lightly, particularly so if you have a family. If you wish to submit an application to immigrate to Canada, you are not legally required to have an immigration lawyer help you with the process. That being said, an immigration lawyer specializes in […]

5 Reasons Why Immigrating to Canada is a Top Choice

5 Reasons Why Immigrating to Canada is a Top Choice

When considering immigration for you and your family a variety of factors come into play when deciding which country to call your new home. You not only want to select a location with a relatively high-ranked quality of life, but where you will be able to find employment and provide for your family. The last […]

Immigrating to Canada – My Second Home

Immigrating to Canada - Canadian immigration lawyers

“My heart will always belong in South America – it’s where I was born and raised. However, I somehow knew from a young age that I wanted to live abroad, and that I probably would not spend my adult years in the southern hemisphere. I have always wanted to travel the world and experience a […]

Canadian Immigration Sponsorship Program Temporarily Suspended

Canadian Immigration Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Program Temporarily Suspended

Parent and Grandparents Immigration Sponsorship Program Temporarily Suspended When someone decides to immigrate to Canada, a common long-term goal is to eventually be reunited with their family in their new country. The reasons can vary from wanting to give them the opportunity to experience a better quality of life to simply having them in closer […]

What is an Application under Humanitarian and Compassionate considerations?

BM Lawyers - Humanitarian and Compassionate Considerations

The immigration process has strict guidelines to ensure that only those who meet the specific criteria are able to apply for a permanent resident visa. So, what are your options when you are not an eligible candidate? Applying to become a permanent resident based on humanitarian and compassionate considerations (HnC considerations) might be an option; however, […]

Where to Immigrate Within Canada?

Immigrate to Canada; St. John's, Newfoundland

Canada is massive, certainly when compared to most other countries. Not a lot of people realize how greatly different its various regions are – both geographically and even culturally, to some extent. It could be easy to assume that because it is one country, that all provinces and territories would be quite similar. However, due […]

Canada Immigration – Sponsorship Guidelines

Canada Immigration – Sponsorship Guidelines

Deciding to sponsor a relative for immigration to Canada as a permanent resident is not a decision to be taken lightly. You are required to be financially responsible for their basic needs for years and need to prove that you are able to provide that support. Once you move forward with this long-term commitment, there […]

A Canadian Immigration Lawyer Explains Study Permit Applications

Canadian Immigration Lawyer Explains Study Permit Applications

For some, obtaining a study permit can feel like an overwhelming task. Canadian Immigration Lawyers are experienced in this area of immigration law, and can help you navigate through the application process. There are likely numerous reasons as to why you decided to study abroad. It gives you the opportunity to travel to another country, […]

Immigration to Canada is Essential for Job Growth

Immigration to Canada - BM Lawyers

Despite being the second largest country by land mass, Canada’s population is small in comparison to many other countries. Not only does Canada have an aging population, but the size of an average family is decreasing per household as birth rate continues to decline. This places considerable stress on the economy, on the healthcare system, […]

Avoid Immigration Fraud with a Canada Immigration Lawyer

Avoid Immigration Fraud with a Canada Immigration Lawyer - BM Lawyers

It is unquestionable that depending on the complexity of your personal circumstances, immigrating to Canada can be a long and complicated process. If you decide to take care of your family’s application without assistance or aid, then there are factors that could potentially result in a delay or even the rejection of your application. Things […]